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Mentor Groups 

Through exclusive, vulnerable, and intimate mentor groups, you gain security and space to know yourself, your values, and what energizes you. This enables you to make wiser decisions, set boundaries, and care for yourself in an entirely new way.

We constantly work on balancing feminine and masculine qualities, the "being and doing", and the idea of being your whole self.

All mentor groups are currently held in Norwegian - but stay tuned for our first English-speaking group, which will launch in 2024. 

Mentorgruppe coaching grupper mentor coach gruppe
Mentor groups for high-performance women who have built most of their lives and careers with masculine traits.

For you who struggle with setting boundaries, taking breaks, tapping into your softer and feminine sides.

Not just theory but embodiment of the feminine.


For you who are an entrepreneur or solopreneur and miss a network of like-minded individuals. 


You want to find the uniqueness within YOU and your business to stand out and attract customers. 

In this program, you will learn the feminine way of running a business, where you work smarter, not harder and use your intuition and intellect to grow and succeed. 



Our mentor group provides the participants with an arena for close conversations, vulnerability and openness.

By strengthening both the masculine and the feminine, we can lay the foundations for strengthening the individual on both the inner and outer plane - so that you stand more firmly in yourself, your decisions and your interaction with others.


This is not your average leadership program. It is a program for leaders who want to lead themselves with a more feminine-masculine balance to lead others better. 

The participant can ventilate, reflect and grow in a supportive and inspiring atmosphere with like-minded women.

What do previous participants from our mentor groups say?

Katrine went from being at a "low point" in life, thinking "There's something wrong with just me," to finding a sense of community and daring to open up to who she truly is!

Sanna went from burning out in the masculine, where she placed all her value in achievements, to finding a new way to live, where she understands what she needs to lead a balanced life.

Cathrine went from feeling much resistance towards patterns and parts of herself where she wasn't satisfied – to getting closer to herself, taking up more space, and standing firmly in her entirety!

Inge went from being externally focused to internally driven—from spending a lot of time in her head, worrying and pondering everything that didn't work, to becoming steady, secure, and calm in everyday life.


My name is Iselin Larsen,
founder of Poise.

Since I started as an entrepreneur in February 2018, I have made many smart and strategic choices to get to where I am today as an author, speaker, investor, and mentor.


Along the way, I have embraced many of my feminine qualities to tap into the feminine side of living and doing business. Today, I lead myself and Poise with a feminine-masculine balance, reaching my goals without hustling and pushing. 


Now, I want to show you how you can do the same through small and intimate mentor groups.


I look forward to walking this path with you!

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Feminine You has been an adventure! This is an entirely new world for me, and opening up to the feminine has never been a part of my reality - unbelievably so! I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and sisterhood, and I look forward to the journey ahead!

It's a safe space to be your whole self and open up about difficult things. I see myself more clearly now; there's room to acknowledge shadows, triggers, and patterns. It's a unique experience I'll take with me into other aspects of life and relationships.

I see so clearly now that we all go through so much of the same in life, just in slightly different ways, so why should we sit with it alone? I've missed this sense of community in life, which I would recommend to everyone!

As humans, we are raised to be individualists. We're supposed to endure everything, carry everything ourselves, be strong, stand there and handle EVERYTHING. We forget that we are social animals, part of our nature, and how powerful it can be to have a community, to get a reflection of who you are - there is so much power in not carrying everything alone.

Through Feminine You, I've found a space to be my whole self. Perspectives, reflection, and support have helped me develop inner and outer tools that contribute to my sense of security and mastery, even when I embrace the feminine.

Today, I experience more balance in life, better understand myself as a woman, and embrace more aspects of myself.

Finding so many similarities in people I've never met before who understand what you're going through was absolutely fantastic. Listening to others' thoughts and stories opened many doors within me. The insight and the opportunity to share are wonderful!

Feminine You has given me access to my whole self. The course is so close in time that I've been "forced" to address my shadow sides.


This is magic in practice, and I've started to operate in flow, in contact with my feminine side. Iselin has insight and knowledge about what we need in the group and initiates good processes. Empathetic listening, interaction, and sharing insights are healing. We heal through each other.


Iselin guides us straight to the core with new topics in each meeting, which feels safe and good. I've peeled off layer after layer of old patterns, which grants access to a power that is me. I am more in balance, in the balance between being and doing, the cyclical nature that we are all a part of.

I had been burned out and on sick leave 100%, mostly because I placed all my value in my achievements and not who I was. "Doing" was more valuable than "being."


I am in a very different place today, setting completely different boundaries and giving myself the prerequisites for living a sustainable life. I communicate with my boss, colleagues, and employees entirely differently. It's fantastic!

I've had out-of-body experiences where I think, "I wouldn't have reacted like this a year ago." I have a completely different calm and a sense of security, making for a much more pleasant way to live.

When I signed up for Feminine You, I was in a bad place where I had no self-confidence. I sought community, and a lot happened during the months I was involved.


I saw that I wasn't the only one struggling with the things I was carrying. The other women were going through much of the same, and it was incredibly lovely to realize, 'I'm not crazy.' I dared to open up to what was ME, and it was quite nice to land in this.

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