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Feminine you

We have developed a unique concept for those who feel trapped in the "work-on" mentality, where you place all your value in external achievements and feel that you have reached a point in life where change is necessary for you to lead a good life.

Through exclusive, vulnerable, and intimate mentorship groups, you will find safety and space to get to know yourself, your values, and what energizes you. This will enable you to make better decisions, set healthier boundaries, and take care of yourself in a whole new way.


We are constantly working on balancing the feminine and masculine qualities, being and doing modes, as well as being your whole self.

Feminine You is the mentorship program for those who struggle with setting boundaries, taking breaks, and tapping into the softer side of themselves.

It's for those who miss having a network of like-minded women.

Not just theory, but embodiment of the feminine.


From constant doing mode to a balance with being mode.

Are you running all day and never seem to reach your goals, whether at work or on the home front?


Do you feel a sense of urgency that makes it difficult to take breaks and rest?


From the need for control and "fix-it-yourself" to vulnerability and community.

Is it difficult to set boundaries? Do you feel the "good girl" syndrome or that you need to have control over everything?

Has it been a long time since you were nurtured, taken care of, and allowed to be your whole self in a safe community?


From outer- and head-driven to inner- and value-driven.

Do you make all your decisions with your head and logic, and feel that this has taken you far away from who you truly are?

Do you not know how to connect with your own body and intuition? Make good choices for yourself?

What do previous participants say?

Katrine went from being at a 'low point' in her life where she thought 'there's something wrong with just me' to finding community and daring to open up to who she truly is!

Sanna transitioned from burning herself out in the masculine, where she placed all her value in achievements, to discovering a new way to live, where she understands what she needs to lead a balanced life.

Cathrine went from feeling a strong resistance to patterns and parts of herself where she wasn't satisfied to getting closer to herself, taking up more space, and standing firmly in her entirety!

Hilde was restless and carried a sense that something was missing, even though everything seemed to be in order. After the Feminine You mentorship program, she learned to reflect more and became aware of the values she holds in life.

Exclusive 14-week mentorship group for high-achieving women stuck in constant doing mode.

Only 7/8 spots remaining!

This will begin in January 2024. Book a discovery call today!

I am highly selective in choosing those to join the group, so I offer a 30-minute no-obligation conversation with those who may be potential candidates.

Are you open to a quick chat? This way, we can get to know each other better, and you'll also receive more information about the program! Book a time in the calendar below.


My name is Iselin Larsen,
Founder of Poise

Are you exhausted because every day feels like a repeat of yesterday? Are you stuck in the same patterns, making the same mistakes, and not moving forward in life? Do you feel trapped in "doing mode" and so busy fixing things for everyone else that you've completely forgotten about yourself? Do you miss the softness, sensuality, and inner peace?

Then, Feminine You is the place for you!

I've guided thousands of women back to their feminine essence, enabling them to tap into their full potential. Feminine You is where you can put theory into practice, unpack new parts of yourself, and become confident in your femininity – in the company of other women.

I look forward to walking this path with you!

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Aini Stenseth Conn

“Everybody has been so supportive, no matter what's been going on with everybody. It's been nice to have people that don't necessarily know me personally because then they view whatever I'm telling them in a very different way, because they have nothing else to connect that with.”

Livia Sauter

"Today, I am more stable and feel stronger. I look at my challenges differently and I am better at handling them after Feminine You.”

Anna Solnørdal

“Feminine You exceeded my expectations. With how flexible Iselin is, how available she is.  I really do think she's a great mentor. She was walking as a good example. It was very, very good, very, very comfortable, very flexible. “

"Feminine You has been an adventure! For me, this is a completely new world, and opening up to the feminine has never been a part of my reality - unbelievably so! I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and sisterhood and look forward to the journey ahead!"

"A safe space where one can be their whole self and open up about difficult things. I feel that I see myself more clearly and that there is room to acknowledge shadows, triggers, and patterns. A unique experience that I will carry with me into other aspects of life and relationships with others."

"I can see life so clearly now that we all go through so much of the same times in life, just in slightly different ways, so why should we go through it alone? I have missed this sense of community in my life, and it's something I would recommend to everyone!"

"As humans, we are raised to be individualists. We're supposed to endure everything, carry everything by ourselves, be strong, just stand there and handle EVERYTHING. We forget that we are social animals, our own nature, how powerful it can be to have a sense of community, to receive reflection on who you are - there is so much strength in not carrying everything alone."

"Through Feminine You, I have gained an arena to be my whole self. Perspectives, reflection, and support have helped me develop both inner and outer tools that contribute to my sense of safety and mastery, even when I am in the feminine.

Today, I experience more balance in life, have a greater understanding of myself as a woman, and embrace more aspects of myself."

"Discovering so many similarities in people you have never met before,  who understand what you're going through, was absolutely amazing. Listening to other peoples thoughts and stories opened so many doors within me. The insight and the opportunity to share is beautiful."

"Feminine You has given me access to my entire self. The course is so close in time that I've been "forced" to confront my shadows.

This is magic in practice, and I've started operating in flow and in touch with my feminine side. Iselin has insight and knowledge of what we need in the group and initiates good processes. Empathetic listening, interaction, and sharing of insights feel good. We heal through each other.

Iselin guides us straight to the core with new topics in each session, and it feels safe and good. I've peeled off layer after layer of old patterns, giving access to a power that is me. More in balance, the balance between being and doing, the cyclical nature that we all are a part of."

"I had experienced burnout and was on 100% sick leave, largely because I placed all my value in my achievements and not in who I was as a person. 'Doing' was more valuable than 'being.'

I'm in a very different place today, setting completely different boundaries and giving myself the prerequisites to live a sustainable life. I communicate with my manager, colleagues, and employees in a completely different way. It's absolutely fantastic!

I've had some out-of-body experiences where I think, 'I wouldn't have reacted like this a year ago.' I have a completely different inner peace and a confidence that makes life much more enjoyable."

"When I signed up for Feminine You, I was in a pretty bad place where I had no confidence in myself. I was looking for a sense of community, and a lot had happened in the months that I was involved. I saw that it wasn't just me struggling with all the things I was dealing with. The other women were going through much of the same, and it was incredibly nice to experience "wow, I am not crazy!"

I dared to open up to who I truly was, and it was incredibly beautiful to be able to land in this."

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