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What is feminine leadership?

Feminine leadership can be explained as an approach to management that emphasizes values ​​and skills that are often associated with the feminine, but which are valuable and effective for everyone, regardless of gender. Such values ​​may include empathy, inclusion, collaboration, and a more holistic approach to decision-making. These qualities can be just as important as more traditional, often masculine-associated qualities such as determination, assertiveness and competitive orientation.


​In leading others, feminine leadership involves fostering a culture of inclusion and respect, where every team member feels valued and heard. It's about promoting collaboration and encouraging collective success, while setting clear goals and expectations. ​ At the corporate level, a balanced feminine and masculine leadership can involve focusing on both short-term results and long-term goals, including the company's social responsibility and its role in society.


This means making decisions based on a holistic perspective that considers all stakeholders - employees, customers, society and the environment - and not just shareholders. An important point to note is that these "feminine" and "masculine" characteristics are not exclusive to one gender. All leaders, regardless of gender, can and should strive to incorporate a balance of these approaches into their leadership style to be most effective.

Iselin Larsen

CEO and founder of Poise AS.
Iselin Larsen CV erfaring grunder investor coach it bransjen fortune 500 mentor foredragsholder

A masculine life, with hard characteristics, almost 10 years in a male-dominated sales industry as "the only girl on the team" and a life at a hectic pace without contact with the body. There you have Iselin. ​ Until she took a 360, started her own business and built it with feminine leadership!


​✓ 12 years of sales experience

✓ 5 years of entrepreneurial experience

✓ 10 years of personal self-development

✓ Investor in HER and WIN

✓ Erickson coaching education

✓ Yoga teacher and dietitian training

✓ Corporate background from Fortune 500 and one of Norway's largest IT companies

✓ Business and financial understanding

✓ Author of the book and audiobook Feminin flyt

✓ 5 years on social media with over 10K followers ✓ Built a solid email list with thousands of subscribers

✓ Guested dozens of podcasts

✓ Mentor for high-achieving women in business

✓ Lecturer for both companies and private individuals

Why Poise?

The English word Poise has several meanings, but it is most often used to describe a person who is confident, restrained, and balanced, both in attitude and behavior. It can also refer to a dignified and controlled way of handling situations, especially in challenging and stressful circumstances. When used as a noun, it can refer to a person's state of balance or stability, whether physical or emotional.


In Norwegian, Poise can be translated into words such as balance, self-confidence, dignity or self-control. We therefore think that Poise fits our vision very well, namely to bring feminine leadership into business, the entrepreneurial world and individuals. ​ Poise will promote feminine leadership, which is about creating a balance between the hard, structured, logical masculine with the soft, creative, vulnerable, intuitive feminine. It is about self-management, but also about leading others. Feminine leadership is inner sustainability. Which is absolutely necessary to create tomorrow's jobs, ensure innovation and sustainable development.

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