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Feminine Leads 
Mentor Group

Our mentor group provides participants with a space for deep conversations, vulnerability, and openness. This is the key to developing the whole individual, both personally and professionally. Participants will have the opportunity to ventilate, reflect, and grow in a supportive and inspiring atmosphere with like-minded individuals.

The mentor group brings a balanced approach to leadership to the table. In a time where softer qualities like empathy, vulnerability, and collaboration are becoming increasingly important, we work on how this can transform organizational culture. This can result in increased productivity, reduced turnover, and a more inclusive workplace.

By strengthening both the masculine and feminine aspects, we can lay the foundation for empowering the individual on both the inner and outer levels – so that the employee stands more firmly in themselves, their decisions, and in interactions with others.

Feminine Leads is NOT a traditional leadership program but a program for leaders who understand that they must lead themselves with a feminine-masculine balance before they can lead others.

A combination of the soft, creative, collaborative, and the hard, goal-oriented, structured, and planned is the key to sustainability, diversity, and value creation in the workplaces of the future.

Feminine-masculine balance within ourselves. Which qualities have we suppressed, and which are in imbalance?


How do we lead ourselves through the day in a good way, for a daily life in greater harmony?


How do we achieve our goals and get results without burning ourselves out and turning into "hard" do-mode machines along the way?


How do we set boundaries and make time for ourselves while also being empathetic and cooperative?


How do we work smarter and not harder to make everyday life manageable without overwhelm and prolonged stress?


How do we tap into the soft and feminine aspects within ourselves without losing our drive and ambitions?


How can we dare to be more of our whole selves to unlock our potential and, at the same time, inspire those around us to do the same?


What do previous participants say?

"The things we discuss in the mentor groups are something that you've felt inside, but you lack the language to articulate it. You don't really know what it is. It's so vague.

Then someone comes and puts a 'label' on it, and it can be good for us. Then you're like, 'Oh, there it is,' and I'm not alone in that either."


- Silje

"The mentor program has helped me realize that I don't need to define myself solely through my job. It's a wonderful feeling to know that even though I give my best, not everything depends on the job.

Receiving advice and guidance through discussions about our values has been invaluable, especially in combination with the group conversations. It has helped me see how others are experiencing similar challenges."


- Siri

The topics we discussed were engaging, and your ability to convey and coach in a group setting was impressive.

I feel there has been a concrete change in me. I am happier being able to withdraw and prioritize myself. 

Being in this group has been highly rewarding for me.

- Solfrid

"Katrine went from being at a 'low point' in life where she thought, 'it's just me, there's something wrong with me,' to finding a sense of community and daring to open up to who she truly is!"

"Sanna went from burning out in the masculine, where she placed all her value in achievements, to finding a new way to live, where she understands what she needs to lead a balanced life."


 Exclusive 7-month mentorship group for leaders stuck in constant doing mode. 

8 spots available in total!

Applications open in May. 

I am very selective with those I choose to join the group, so I offer a 30-minute no-obligation conversation with those who may be potential candidates. 

Join the waiting list below to be notified when 2024 applications open.


My name is Iselin Larsen,
Founder of Poise

With a passionate belief in everyone's right to authenticity in the workplace, regardless of gender, she focuses on highlighting both traditional and soft skills in the professional world.

After a decade of navigating high-paced, performance-oriented, and male-dominated landscapes in sales and IT, Iselin Larsen chose a new direction in 2018. Since then, she has built the company Poise with a blend of feminine and masculine values.

She has combined her experiences from the challenging sales environment and technology with the softer, often femininely labeled "soft skills."

The feminine is not just a "nice to have," but absolutely crucial if we are to succeed in sustainability, diversity, and innovation in the business world going forward, says Iselin. Since then, she has built the company Poise with a combination of feminine and masculine values – focusing on the qualities that individuals, regardless of gender, bring into the professional world.

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