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Mentor Group Testimonials 

"Iselin guides us straight to the core with new themes at each meeting, and it feels safe and good. I have peeled away layer by layer of old patterns, providing access to a power that is me. More in balance, the balance between being and doing, the cyclical nature that we all are a part of."

-Participant in the mentor group "Feminine You."

After participating in the program, I have become more aware of the balance between feminine and masculine qualities. I have become more open to the feminine aspects of myself, although it is still a journey. Yes, I have changes to work on, but I now handle work situations differently and am more conscious of the situation.

The mentor program has helped me realize that I don't need to define myself exclusively through my job. Receiving advice and guidance through discussions about our values has been invaluable, especially in combination with group conversations. It has helped me see how others experience similar challenges.

Iselin's leadership and mentorship have been crucial. Through discussions about our values and reflections on the masculine and feminine aspects, I have gained new insights.

Sara went from overwhelmed and "all over the place" to gaining control and perspective that you can find inner peace, slow down and still run a successful business.

Inge transitioned from being externally driven to internally guided—from spending a lot of time in the mind, worrying and pondering over everything that wasn't working at work, to becoming steady, secure, and calm in everyday life.

Katrine went from being at a low point in life, thinking 'there's something wrong with just me,' to finding community and daring to open up to who she truly is!

Sanna went from burning out in the masculine, where she placed all her value in achievements, to finding a new way of living where she understands what she needs to lead a balanced life.

Cathrine moved from experiencing strong resistance to patterns and parts of herself where she wasn't satisfied to getting closer to herself, taking up more space, and standing firmly in her entirety!

Linda went from feeling stagnation in life, dissatisfaction at work, and the sense that "something was missing" to listening more to herself, trusting her intuition, and making changes in her work life to create more space for valuable career development.

Mari went from being unsure with what direction she was taking her life and her company. During Feminine Founder she found a supportive community of strong woman and she found trust in herself to run  her company how she wants too!

I really appreciate the way the program is structured, with a combination of reflective tasks, writing, and then discussions, either in the whole group or in smaller groups. This makes one actively engage. I can often be a bit passive and listen, but the way the mentor group was organized forced me to participate, while also allowing me to build good relationships and connections with the other participants..

The videos about archetypes were especially interesting. The first time I watched them, I mostly observed. For some archetypes, I thought, "Okay, that's fine." But also, "Yeah, right," because it felt so distant. After watching them several times, I got more out of them and even became curious about them.

An important insight for me was the balance between the masculine and feminine. I have now become more aware of taking breaks, breathing, and allowing myself to withdraw and prioritize my own time. When I take that short break, I am ready to do something new. When I remove myself from stressful situations, I become ready for other things. It's refreshing.

The topics we discussed were engaging, and Iselin's ability to convey and coach in a group setting was impressive. I feel there has been a very concrete change in me. I am happier to be able to withdraw and prioritize myself. Being in this group has been very rewarding for me.

I really appreciated my 'Accountability Partners.' I believe it's crucial for participants in such programs to have group discussions to recognize themselves and their challenges.

I have become better at setting boundaries. For example, I give myself time to reflect on decisions instead of responding impulsively. This gives me a better sense of control over my life.

Hilde was restless and carried the feeling that something was missing, despite everything seemingly being in order. After the Feminine You mentor program, she learned to reflect more and become aware of her values in life.

Katrine transitioned from being stressed and activated in the nervous system to leaning into the feminine and cyclical aspects, aiming for better flow in her daily life and finding balance in a life with many responsibilities.

As humans, we are raised to be individualists. We are supposed to endure everything, carry everything on our own, be strong, just stand there and handle EVERYTHING. Then we forget that we are pack animals, part of our own nature, where the strength of community, receiving reflection on who you are—there is so much power in not sitting with everything alone.

Through the mentor group, I have found a space to be my whole self. Perspectives, reflection, and support have helped me develop both internal and external tools that contribute to experiencing security and mastery, even when embracing the feminine.

Today, I experience more balance in life, have a greater understanding of myself as a woman, and embrace more facets of myself.

Discovering so many similarities in people I have never met before, who understand what you are going through, was absolutely fantastic. Listening to others' thoughts and stories opened so many doors within me. The insight and the opportunity to share are incredibly beautiful!"

The mentor group has been an adventure! For me, this is an entirely new world, and opening up to the feminine has never been part of my reality before—amazingly enough! I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and sisterhood, and I look forward to the journey ahead!

This group has been a safe space where one can be their whole self and open up about difficult things. I feel that I see myself more clearly, and there is room to acknowledge shadows, triggers, and patterns. It's a unique experience that I will carry with me into other aspects of life and relationships with others.

I now see so clearly that we all go through so much of the same in life, just in slightly different ways, so why should one sit with it alone? I have missed this sense of community in life, and it's something I would recommend to everyone!


My name is Iselin Larsen,
Founder of Poise

In 2018, Iselin resigned from her job after 10 years in the sales industry and started Poise. It marked the beginning of a journey into feminine and masculine balance, where she leads herself and her business in entirely new ways. She has shifted from being externally driven to being internally guided, daring to be her whole self!

Today, Iselin gives lectures for companies, mentors high-achieving women in business, is an investor, and the author of the book "Feminin flyt" (Feminine Flow).

She has guided thousands of women back to the feminine, enabling them to tap into their full potential!


Poise mentor groups are the place where you can put theory into practice, unpack new parts of yourself, and become confident in the feminine—alongside other women.

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This is magic in practice, and I have started to operate in flow, in connection with my feminine side. Iselin has insight and knowledge about what we need in the group and initiates excellent processes. Empathetic listening, interaction, and sharing insights feel good. We heal through each other.

I've had some out-of-body experiences where I think, 'I wouldn't have reacted like this a year ago.' I have a completely different calmness within myself and a confidence that provides a much more comfortable way of living.

I saw that it wasn't just me struggling with the things I held inside. The other women were going through much of the same, and it was incredibly nice to experience that 'oh, I'm not crazy.'

I dared to open up to what was ME, and it was incredibly nice to land in this.

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