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Lectures and workshops for your company

Is your company interested in exploring feminine leadership? Iselin customizes lectures and workshops for your company, focusing on the technology industry.

Feminine leadership is about soft skills closely related to corporate culture, innovation, and business development.

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Iselin Larsen Poise holder foredrag og workshops for små og store bedrifter i teknologibransjen

Linda Blankevoort, Department Manager, NAV

The lecture was incredibly engaging, relevant to us at NAV, informative, and valuable. We all received many great tips on how to take 'real and proper' breaks, how work tasks can be systematized and structured, and how simple actions can make a significant difference in our everyday work experience.

We can genuinely recommend this presentation!

Anna Knudsen, Editor, AW Magazine

Iselin spoke at AW Magazine's March 8th event, where she discussed feminine and masculine qualities in leadership. Iselin has a calm confidence while also sharing herself and engaging the audience. Since then, we have received positive feedback from participants about the presentation, which sparked good reflections afterwards.

I highly recommend Iselin!

Meet Iselin Larsen,

Founder of Poise

After a decade of navigating high-speed, performance-driven, male-dominated sales and IT environments, Iselin Larsen chose a new direction in 2018. Since then, she has built the company Poise with both feminine and masculine values.

With a passionate belief that everyone should have the opportunity to show up at work as their whole selves, regardless of gender, she has dedicated herself to highlighting feminine and masculine qualities in the workplace and business.

She has combined her experiences from the male-dominated sales and technology environment with the softer and often femininely labelled 'soft skills.' The feminine is not just 'nice to have,' but essential if we succeed in sustainability, diversity, and innovation in business from now on, says Iselin.

Today, Iselin gives lectures and presentations for companies, mentors high-achieving women in business, is an investor, and is the author of the book Feminin flyt.

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