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Do you mainly operate with your masculine qualities, constantly in doing mode? With little or no contact with your feminine sides? I've been there.

After ten years in sales and tech, I quit my job to start my own company to feel more free. One year into being a founder, I realised I was everything but free.

I was even more stressed, worked longer hours and still had a stiff jaw, neck and poor sleep. I still put all my worth into my performance.

So I decided to make a change. Continuing like this would not be sustainable. Even though I loved my job, I wanted a meaningful life where life was more than work.

Now, I lead myself in a feminine-masculine balanced way. I follow the ebb and flow of my inner and nature's cycles, set healthy boundaries and find value in who I am as a woman, not only in what I do.

And I teach other women to do the same through intimate and exclusive Poise mentor groups.

Are you an ambitious, high-performance woman?

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Feminin flyt (Feminine Flow)
Book and Audiobook


In 2021, Norway's first book about cycles and feminine energies, written by Iselin Larsen, was released. Since then, the book has sold out two editions, won an award for best design, and released as an audiobook. Feminin flyt has helped thousands of women live femininely after their cycle and in a balance between being and doing.

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At Poise, we work smart, not hard, prioritizing work/life balance. Therefore, we often have shorter workdays and may not always respond immediately.

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