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SheEO Collective

SheEO Essentials Course

Dive into the fundamentals of feminine leadership principles with SheEO Essentials. Gain lifetime access to transformative content, unlocking the secrets to softening your self-leadership. This is your starting point for a lasting journey of empowerment. 

I see you, six months from now. 

Where you explored your softness, learnt to lean back, asked for help, and let go of control. Where you finally found ease and peace within. Where you created deep and vulnerable connections with women on the same path as you. Where you deared to be everything you are, leading yourself with softness and authenticity.


Who is a SheEO?

🤌🏼 She trusts and leans in, not needing to control and micro-manage, so she no longer burns out or lives a high-stress, high-cortisole life. 

🤌🏼 She lives in full alignment with her values and mission, so her life feels meaningful and fulfilling, no longer prioritising work over life, family or relationships. 

🤌🏼 She has the power to create her best life, make intentional choices, and live on her terms.


🤌🏼 She softens her leadership to lead with empathy, intuition and inspire others to do the same,creating an endless ripple effect of impact for her greater community and the world.


🤌🏼 She values ‘being’ over ‘doing’, allowing her to slow down, be present, sensual and prioritise well-being. Living with integrity, high standards, boundaries, and clarity. 


🤌🏼 She lets herself be led. Knowing she doesn't have to build her vision alone,
she is confident enough to take a step back and be supported.


🤌🏼 She finds strength in vulnerability, building those authentic and
deep connections that she craved all her life.


🤌🏼 She is responsible for her actions, with a grounded and clear
connection of what is right and wrong for her.

SheEO Essentials will be a game-changer if this is what you're desiring:

Yearning for Authenticity:

If you're tired of compromising on your values and desire genuine, purpose-driven choices. If you're feeling a deep need to live authentically and make decisions that truly resonate with who you are, this course is designed to empower and support you.

Ready for the Soft Leadership Era:

If you're ready for mastery - moving away from hustle and control toward a more centred, feminine leadership approach, where you lead from a place of inner strength without being bossy, the SheEO Essentials course is the perfect place to start.

Meet your host

My name is Iselin Larsen

I am on a path. A path of mastery.

No more half-ass, half-way, ‘trying’ or hoping.

How deep can I love? How excellent can I become? As a partner, teacher, lover, friend, mentor, sister, mom, coach, leader and business owner? How present can I be? How grateful and mindful can I be? How fun can I make my life? How much can I play? How hard can I laugh? How sensual can I make every day? How much magic can I feel? How loving can my relationships be? How awesome can my life be?

This is the energy I’m creating for my new concept, SheEO 🤌🏼.


For the women ready to thrive without compromise. To soften their leadership. To raise their standards. To master their life without hustle and grind.

Therefore, I’m calling on YOU who can feel this energy, the craving and calling for more.

But not by DOING more - by BEING more.

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