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Learn how to balance your feminine and masculine energies in business!

Do you...

  • Want to get out of the overwhelm, stress and hustle mode, but don’t know how to get started?

  • Want to learn how to access your softer feminine energies, where you can rest, be still and flow with ease?


Introducing: Work smarter, not harder - from burnout to balance!

A LIVE masterclass hosted by Iselin Larsen from Poise, teaching you everything you need to get ahead of your to-do lists, without working longer hours!

In order to find your feminine-masculine balance you don’t need:
❌ Lots of self-discipline
❌ Strict and rigid methods
❌ A ton of knowledge on the feminine or masculine

ALL you need is:
✅ The right mindset
✅ A willingness to do something differently
✅ A craving to be more in your feminine

Iselin behind Poise
For 10 years, Iselin has been researching, testing and developing ways to work smarter, save time, ease stress and get shit done!

By doing this, she has allowed herself to be in her feminine, rest, take pauses, and access her inner magic.
And now she’s teaching you her three most important secrets, so you can do the same!

In the masterclass, we will cover:

  • How to get started without any experience

  • How to be super focused and driven

  • How to rest without feeling bad and lazy

  • How to reach your goals without having to burn yourself out

  • How to balance your feminine and masculine energies

  • Easy + tangible tips to access your intuition, creativity and inner magic
    And more!

Did you miss the live masterclass?

Don't worry you have 48 hours to download the masterclass, and then it will cost 80 euros. 

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