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Innovation, collaboration, and inner sustainability.

Discover how feminine leadership can transform individuals, startups and larger businesses from within. 


POISE offers services for businesses, startups, and individuals.

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No spam in sight. You can unsubscribe at any time.


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Iselin Larsen Plan Norge F ordet podcast
Iselin Larsen Oppdrift Kathrine Aspaas podcast intervju
Iselin Larsen syklusmagi Karrierekvinner podcast

Feminin flyt (Feminine Flow)
Book and Audiobook

In 2021, Norway's first book about cycles and feminine energies, written by Iselin Larsen, was released. Since then, the book has sold out two editions, won an award for best design, and released as an audiobook. Feminin flyt has helped thousands of women live femininely after their cycle and in a balance between being and doing.


At Poise, we work smart, not hard, prioritizing work/life balance. Therefore, we often have shorter workdays and may not always respond immediately.

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